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Sport in Marrakech

Thrill and spill in the ochre city

Thrill and spill in the ochre city

Exciting inland sports

Marrakech is a lively city, for it has the most modern facilities to accommodate a full range of recreational activities to statisfy the most eager for outdoor experiences.

With elegantly designed greens and courses suitable for all levels, the golf courses of Marrakech are not to be overlooked. The city's golf offerings invite you to indulge your passion in splendid backdrops and original courses designed by the best architects.

Located on a short distance from downtown, the palm grove is a lovely destination for family outings. Explore the lavish vegetation on horseback or on a quad bike.

For even more thrills, leave the earth behind and take a flight to discover Marrakech from above. Gaze down upon the Pearl of Southern Morocco from a hot air balloon and fall under the poetic spell of a tranquil balloon flight. Are you looking for something that packs a bigger punch ? If so, rent an ultralight plane and fly over the city and surrounding mountains as you fancy.

Whether you're on the golf course or high up in the Moroccan sky, Marrakech brings the thrills !


An active stay for your holidays

Thrill in the mountain

The ochre walls of Marrakech lean against the Atlas Mountains. These steep reliefs host the adventurous and fun activities. Gently walk on their slopes, cross them with airlifts and hurtle down from snowy peaks.

For the most passionates, dare the ascent of Djebel Toubkal. With a guide’s help, crawl over the trails, spend a night in a bivouac beneath the stars, and pursue to reach the top of the mountain. The views from atop are magnificent and reward you for your relentless efforts.

Adjacent to the Toubkal National Park, an eco-responsible nature reserve await you with the largest aerial course in Africa. Be ready to be fuelled by thrilling sensations when taking the zip lines, accro-branches and the aerial bridge.

The mountainous surroundings of Marrakech also give you the opportunity to indulge in skiing. Rising to 3200 metres, the Oukaïmeden ski area offers all the amenities allowing you to ski during the day, and to join the gentler atmosphere of Marrakech, in the evening.

Fourty kilometres away, heading to the south of the city, the Lalla Takerkoust lake is an ideal playground for motor sports enthusiasts ; quad biking and jet ski rides are organised there and guarantee their part of sensations.

The hinterland of Marrakech is another world ! Just a few minutes from the comforts of the city, you discover a wild yet welcoming nature, wide open spaces where you can spend your free time.

An active stay for your holidays

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