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Shopping in Rabat

Diversity and quality shopping in the capital of Morocco

Diversity and quality shopping in the capital of Morocco

Rabat, a shopper’s haven

Rabat is a modern city, but it is still a place with deep-rooted and long-standing  traditions. Shopping in the capital city means discovering the rich variety of local crafts, but it also means enjoying ultra-modern facilities and strolling down streets to find all the major national and international retail brands.

The city's wide boulevards and decongested thoroughfares brim with boutiques. Many famous brands have settled shops to the delight of shopaholics ; from watchmakers, to jewelers, to opticians, to clothing shops and much more offers for any stylista ! Convenient public transportation options, including two tramway lines, make it easy for you to make your way through the city's main shopping district, until you've found your heart's desire.

The capital city also has impressive malls. They have been designed with your comfort in mind, gathering the biggest brands and essential services in a central location. At the Megamall, you’re invited to indulge in fun activities such as bowling or skating, while having a bite or drink at a cafe or a restaurant.

The lively and bustling city of Rabat is always full of surprises, including tons of opportunities to quench your thirst for shopping.  

An ultimate retail therapy in the imperial city

Handicraft shopping in Rabat

Rabat is an active capital, especially inside of its shopping streets and markets. Traditional handicrafts coexist with those revisited by modern designers.

The medina is not to be outdone. This historic district brims with all kinf of shops. Stroll the maze to discover its various trades. In Souk Sebbat and Souika streets, stalls overflow with leather goods, slippers and bags, traditional fabrics and clothes. A few meters away, the rue des Consuls is renowned for the silver jewellery and the famous rbatis carpets. The local gastronomy is not to be outdone ; Moroccan pastries, spices and all sorts of local foodstuffs will delight your taste buds.

Embroidery is another popular art that the Rbatis master perfectly. Silk brocade, muslin, cotton and linen, are embroidered with virtuosity to compose marvellous pieces of fabric which are a great use in traditional clothes such as caftan but also in furnishing fabrics.

A few kilometres from the medina, the potters are making the fame of the place, especially in the Oulja complex which is located in Sale. You’ll discover craftsmen who shape the clay soil, taking advantage from its flexibility and its relief, to make charming souvenirs and useful everyday tools ; from tagines, to vases or lamps. You’ll also find wrought iron and basketry objects in Oulja.

Inspired by its deep-rooted tradition and modern creation, Rabat offers a craft and know-how of undeniable authenticity and yet accommodates the most daring innovations !


An ultimate retail therapy in the imperial city

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