Morocco, Land of Football

Nature in Rabat

A green city in Morocco

A green city in Morocco

Chasing wide green spaces

In Rabat, nature takes place in the very heart of the city. Committed to an eco-responsible approach, the country's capital deploys 230 hectares of green spaces in the middle of which to enjoy the cultural and natural heritage.

The Kasbah des Oudayas and its Andalusian garden, the Chellah necropolis, the green belt, the Ibn Sina forest and the Essai garden are some splendid sites to tick-off in your travel list. Without forgetting the Zoological Garden of Rabat where animals are presented in their natural habitats.

A few kilometers from Rabat, the Exotic Gardens of Bouknadel will delight you. Covering 4.5 hectares, they are home to more than 600 plant species from the 5 continents and 80 animal species.

The surrounding region is not to be outdone. On the road to Fez, the Maâmora forest will welcome you for picnics with friends or family. In Mehdia, you will have the opportunity to meet migratory waterfowl in the nature reserve of Sidi Boughaba. In Khmisset, the peaceful natural lake of Dayet Roumi will allow you to practice pedal boat and jet ski, as well as fishing.

True to its eco-responsible spirit, the green Rabat will shower you with its charming sites. 

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