Naturally bewitching

The enchanting culture of Chefchaouen

With houses built into the mountainside, narrow, winding streets and a haunting blue light that washes over the city, Chefchaouen feels like a dream. This enchanting provincial capital lends itself to strolls, which are perfect for discovering its rich heritage, admiring the architectural treasures that populate its alleys and meeting the people who live and work here.

When the sun starts to set and its rays no longer reach over the walls of the medina, the sky blue buildings of the kasbah transform Chefchaouen into a surreal place. The abundant gardens create an alternating parade of blues and greens, creating a cool oasis right in the city. The Kasbah also serves as a museum with a collection of antique weapons, photographs and textiles.

The city's crafts are also worth the trip. Its wood, wool and leather goods are especially popular. Visit these artisans and see their passion for their work. If you're really curious, they will give you a lesson in weaving or wood carving before sending you off with a head full of memories and a suitcase full of souvenirs.

No one can resist the undeniable charms of Chefchaouen!