A huge playground

Adventure awaits right outside the city

Chefchaouen is one of Morocco's treasures. Walking through its azure-tinged streets and discovering its heritage will delight you. Travelers are always sad when they have to leave. But you should definitely stray from the central district of the "blue city" to marvel at the gorgeous setting offered up to you for an array of activities.

The Rif Mountains form a breathtaking backdrop to Chefchaouen. The city lies at the foot of Mounts Kelaa and Meggou. Their dimensions compose a beautiful landscape that lends itself to the pleasures of trekking: walk, bike or ride a donkey along trails that pass through a cedar forest, giving you a closer look at the region's lofty hamlets.

These mountains are also home to a multitude of deep caves whose galleries plunge hundreds of feet into the earth, tempting spelunkers. The region is crisscrossed with rivers, so it is a great place for water sports enthusiasts looking for a thrill: the Laou wadi is suited to rafting, while other rivers can be explored in rented canoes.

Leave behind the relaxing vibe of the blue city and say hello to the adventurous side of Chefchaouen!