Mysterious Marrakech

Marrakesh, where culture is always stirring

The rich heritage of Marrakesh stretches back a thousand years. And yet, nothing here seems frozen or petrified. The culture is dynamic and alive.

 Jemaa El Fna Square captures this energy. Come experience this gathering place where people eat and drink, reveling in the local delicacies. It is also a place for singing, where visitors come to enjoy the most popular pastimes in Moroccan culture thanks to storytellers, fortune tellers and gnawa musicians. The square is all things picturesque and authentic.

Marrakesh also hosts its fair share of festivals. The city is a moviemaking landmark. Each December it hosts the Marrakesh International Film Festival, which draws the biggest names from the silver screen. In the middle of the year, popular arts are honored with their own festival, during which visitors are treated to the traditional songs, dances and music of Morocco. Enjoy this close encounter with the country's culture in a lighthearted ambiance set to furious rhythms.

Be a part of this cultural event that pulsates through the city's cafés and parks both day and night.