An authentic stopover


Discover Morocco with a cruise

Take a seat on the bridge of your cruise ship and set out for the most beautiful seaports of Morocco for an exotic vacation.

Sail along the Atlantic coast of Morocco from Tangier, the "White City", to Agadir, a resort town whose fame has been long since established. Pass through the economic capital of Casablanca, a place for hobnobbing, as well as the charming town of Safi, an ancient Portuguese city known for its ceramics. Your cruise promises relaxation, idleness, historic tours, shopping, and even cultural immersion.

Choose a cruise itinerary in line with your expectations

Morocco enjoys a temperate climate year-round, which lends itself to cruising through the country's main marinas: Tangier, Casablanca, Safi and Agadir. Each port of call is an opportunity to plunge into Moroccan culture, so go explore every nook and cranny of this land of authenticity. The historic region of Tangier will appeal with its cosmopolitan ambiance, while the dynamic but restful Safi will enchant you. The cliff road around Casablanca is the perfect vantage point for evening photos. Finally, Agadir and its surroundings offer the contrast of protected nature reserves.

Let the waves carry you forth to explore the many facets of Morocco.