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Beach in Essaouira-Mogador

In Mogador, soak up beach, sights, and culture

In Mogador, soak up beach, sights, and culture

The beautiful seaside of Essaouira-Mogador

Essaouira welcomes you to Mogador : its seaside eco-resort entirely at your joy disposal. Its record-breaking building, equipped with all the conveniences related to sustainable development, will make you spend a pleasant stay, with the possibility to explore the surrounding beaches.

Surfers, and lovers of all kinds of gliding ; Sidi Kaouki is the place for you ! There, the northeast wind is strong, making breaking waves, and impressive tubes in which to engage and demonstrate all your passion !

Sidi Kouaki is also the perfect place to take a walk. The extensive beach combined to the picturesque scenery is unique. On the back of a camel or a horse across the sands, these hikes make unforgettable memories.

Closer to Essaouira, the Cap Sim also offers beautiful possibilities of relaxation. Isolated from the rest of the region by a strip of dunes, you can relax in peace in the middle of a beautiful scenery.

Essaouira, the "Bride of the Atlantic": united to the ocean by its picturesque shores, it guarantees you the most enjoyable experiences ! 

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