Morocco, Land of Football

Local Clock and Holiday Schedule

Morocco invites you to enjoy its uniquely paced lifestyle

In Morocco, every holiday is cause for a celebration in which you will be thrilled to take part. The atmosphere is quite different and very rewarding at these times.

The dates of religious holidays depend on the lunar calendar. The month of Ramadan will give you a chance to experience something out of the ordinary: it's all about sharing and nightlife!

Morocco is on GMT and GMT+1 in the summer. It's very easy to adjust to the different schedule and you will not waste a minute of your exceptional trip!

2018 holidays

January 1: New Year's Day

January 11: Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence

May 1: Labor Day

July 30: Throne Day

August 14: Anniversary of the Recovery of Oued Ed-Dahab

August 20: Anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People

August 21: Youth Day

November 6: Anniversary of the Green March

November 18: Independence Day

2018 religious holidays

July 6: Eid Al Fitr (end of Ramadan)

September 12: Eid Al Adha

October 3: Hegira New Year

December 12: Birthday of the Prophet Mohamed