Morocco, Land of Football


12 August 2016

Legzira ArchIt’s no secret that Morocco is a wonderful kingdom to visit – for culture, history, sun and sport amongst other reasons. However, it’s a common misconception that the only natural tourist site in Morocco is the Sahara. This of course bears no resemblance to reality; instead there is a wide variety of landscapes which will amaze and open anyone’s mind about Morocco.

This article suggests five places in Morocco where you will experience some unforgettable moments. Not only will you discover and experience the beauty of the Moroccan landscape, but you will also get to discover and spend time with the people there who will amaze you with their unique hospitality and spirit of love and peace.

Aglmam Lake (Khenifra):

Aglmam is a wonderful lake located 100 km southern of Meknes. Hidden in amongst the Middle Atlas mountains you can see one of the best lakes in the world. The lake is surrounded by some great woodland, which is perfect for hiking. Light a fire, cook some fish and make a pot of tea or, if you believe in the stories, just lie down at night waiting for the dragon of the lake to come out. One thing is sure, even if the dragon doesn’t show up, you will not regret the hours you spent there waiting for it.

Lgzira Beach (Sidi Ifni):

Lgzira is certainly a special beach, how many others have a ‘doorway to the Sahara’? There are plenty of activities you can do here; it’s great for surfing, especially with its large waves. Camel tours are available, allowing you to explore the great yellow sands of the region, and why not taste some fresh grilled fish there while at the seaside? Of course, you must see the beach’s signature feature which is the giant rock in the shape of a mysterious doorway, a special gate with a wonderful view, especially at sunset.

Ifni Lake:

Another lake which you should add to your ‘must-visit list’ is Ifni Lake. If you go hiking in the Atlas Mountains, make sure you pass by Ifni Lake; a great place to relax after hours of walking. This masterpiece of nature is not far from the foothill of Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa. To get there, go to Marrakech, then head towards a small village called Imlil and continue up a mountain road until you arrive at a camp (locally known as ‘Refuge’. You will then need to walk some more to arrive at this unexpected heaven. If you stay there for a night, enjoy the view of a million stars.

Paradise Valley:

The name says a lot about this marvelous place. 20 kms north of Agadir, Paradise Valley, which has been visited by many well-known figures from all around the world, is a must visit place. It is a breathtaking area, a valley which will leave you amazed. There is a lake where you can swim or maybe just sit and be entertained by locals who jump into the water from a cliff 5 metres high. Don’t forget to bring your tent with you, as you’ll probably want to stay for more than a day.

Khenifiss National Park (Tan-Tan):

If you are looking to see several different landscapes in one place, Khenifiss National Park is the place for you. It actually has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean, a wonderful lagoon, and plenty of sand dunes. More than that, it’s a place where you can see the fabulous flamingo, where flocks of them dot the water like bright pink lilies. This park with its diverse scenery and the variety of rare animal species that live there will certainly melt your heart.