Morocco, Land of Football

Tbourida : Moroccan equestrian art

02 February 2022

The Tbourida, derived from Baroud which means "gunpowder", is an ancient equestrian art, dating from the 15th century. It is an equestrian representation that simulates a succession of military parades, reconstructed according to ancestral Arab-Amazigh conventions and rituals.

Each parade of Tbourida is performed by a troop, called "Sorba", consisting of an odd number of riders and horses (from 15 to 25), lined up and in the middle of which stands the chief of the tribe, the "Mokaddem", with his mount. From generation to generation, the Tbourida retains a strong spiritual dimension, particularly because it puts the horse, the sacred animal of Islam, at the center of a breathtaking and impressive spectacle.

The Tbourida dazzles the Moroccan and international public. It is associated with festivities: moussems, agricultural festivals and many national and family celebrations. Internationals often call it "Fantasia", a Latin designation of origin, meaning entertainment.

Source : sorec