Morocco, Land of Football

 Sports and relaxation

The waves of the Atlantic Ocean lap at western Morocco. Along thousands of miles of coastline, beaches await with the promise of opportunities for relaxation and for taking advantage of the many pleasures available along the ocean's edge.

The long beaches known for their quality and fine, golden sand often stretch for miles. Dakhla feels like heaven on earth. Meanwhile, Agadir, Essaouira, Sidi Ifni and Tiznit have all been certified by Pavillon Bleu in recognition of their sustainably managed environments where you can frolic in confidence. Morocco's beaches boast the most modern infrastructure and many resorts lie in close proximity to beaches like Mazagan, Mogador and Taghazout. Alongside these well-equipped complexes, the country's coastal cities have comfortable facilities for fun and relaxation.

Morocco's beaches are just as suited to rest as to play, so come enjoy the many activities on offer, such as land yachting, water skiing, surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing and more! The Atlantic coast is most notable for the outstanding conditions it affords to lovers of surface water sports: the tall, long and powerful waves form impressive tubes. Agadir, Essaouira and Safi are world-renowned surfing spots.

Jump right in and discover the warmth and vibrancy of Morocco's Atlantic coast.