An astounding array of human heritage recognized by UNESCO

The authenticity of Morocco is also expressed through the nine venues it has listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites and its six UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage designations. This intangible heritage can be found throughout the country and manifests itself in various, often festive, ways.

The moussem in Tan-Tan is majestic; each year the nomadic tribes of the Sahara gather at this traditional festival to sing, recite poetry and celebrate their lifestyle. It's a spectacle not to be missed! In Sefrou, the cherry festival honors the city's natural and cultural beauty. It also features a parade and a Queen of Cherries. Music, dance and fantasia feature prominently, along with regional products.

UNESCO has also distinguished Morocco's craftsmanship by registering it as Intangible Cultural Heritage. The same goes for argan production. This oil, which is used for culinary, medical and cosmetic applications, is extracted using traditional methods that are passed down from generation to generation.

Falconry is also celebrated as living human heritage. Today it is associated with the values of camaraderie and sharing.

Hospitality and intercultural exchange are also recognized through the Mediterranean diet. Regale yourself with wholesome Moroccan products in a convivial ambiance to experience it for yourself.

The cultural space at Jemaa El Fna square, a daily theater for artistic expression, is a meeting point for locals and visitors from afar. Come to watch charmers, speakers and musicians who will welcome you with open arms.

Morocco's architecture has not been overlooked. UNESCO sites include the Aït Ben Haddouksar near Ouarzazate, a timeless destination. The medinas of Fez, Marrakesh, Tetouan and Essaouira are also on the UNESCO registry, along with the historic city of Meknes and the Portuguese town of Mazagan. The UNESCO-listed archeological site at Volubilis is a trove of Roman ruins, while the entire city of Rabat has been identified by UNESCO for the blend of modern and traditional influences that make the capital a key attraction and a microcosm of the whole country.

You will find that in Morocco, culture is expressed in all its forms and – always – ingood spirits!