Historic sites must be visited

The beauty of stones

The rich architecture of Morocco lacks neither charm nor variety. Whether you visit the north or the south of the country, perfectly preserved medinas, minarets,fortified walls, monumental doors, ksars and Kasbahs invite you to discover the myriad architectural treasures of Morocco.

Venture into the meandering alleys of old neighborhoods and learn what surprises lurk in the country's medinas. You may see a riad with a splendid patio and rooms that feature plaster and exposed wood. Look a bit further to a mosque decorated with minarets and often flanked by a madrassa. The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is a must-see. The architecture of these buildings hints at rites and expresses the traditions of an entire civilization. In all these towns, doors wrought with arabesques and geometric patterns signal the entrance: Fez, Meknes and Rabat have some of the most gorgeous specimens in the country.

In the south, the typical architecture of the ksars and kasbahs will introduce you to fortified villages built in adobe and – always – close to an oasis.

Moroccan architecture boasts many more marvels that are waiting to be discovered on your adventures through our landscapes.