Your luxury shopping break

Casablanca is a shopping capital!

The most active city in Morocco is a slice of heaven for anyone who loves shopping: its cutting-edge infrastructure, boutiques and shopping centers make it the retail capital of the kingdom.

Enjoy downtown Casablanca. Its easily accessible, decongested shopping districts have the most famous retail chains and the biggest brands in ready-to-wear, jewelry and cosmetics. There is no shortage of shops!

Elsewhere in the city, malls provide even more opportunities to shop ‘til you drop. One such example is the Morocco Mall, whose 750,000 ft² make it the biggest shopping center in Europe. It harbors 600 brands in a friendly setting that rivals any international shopping destination. In addition to retail outlets, it features a musical fountain, aquarium and 3D movie theater.

The Anfa Place shopping mall is equally appealing. Perched on Casablanca's coast road, it has 90 outlets that represent national and international fashion, recreation, restaurant and service brands.

Think you will need a break after all this shopping? Then make your way to Arab League Park. Stroll along the shaded paths of the city's most beautiful park or sip a mint tea in a gorgeous, captivating setting before you hit the street again in search of good deals.

From shop to shop, in malls and around the town, Casablanca offers you myriad opportunities to indulge your passion for shopping.