The secrets rbatis

Living culture

Rabat is rife with landmarks and monuments, but it is also known for the vitality of its intangible heritage, such as the craftsmanship of its artisans. See for yourself by heading to the medina. This is where generations of artists work with fabric, leather, gold, silver and, of course, the celebrated Rabat carpets, each of which is a masterpiece of finesse and harmony. In nearby Salé, pottery, metalwork and weaving are stand-outs with an entire complex is devoted to these crafts.

Lastly, Rabat is a city of music. The city has transformed the Mawazine World Rhythms Festival into an international event. Each year, free concerts showcase the biggest national and international stars to the delight of tens of thousands of attendees. But the Moroccan capital pulses to the rhythm of world music throughout the year. The sounds of Andalusia and the swing of jazz bands, for example, are also honored with major events.

Culture abounds in Rabat, bringing the city to life and fostering a sense of playfulness.