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Nature in Safi

Explore prehistoric remains and wonders of nature

Explore prehistoric remains and wonders of nature

Safi, between land and sea

Safi is a city of deep-rooted and long-standing history. The surrounding nature offer you a plethora of sites to be discovered, and the endless activities.

With 150 km of beautiful beaches and a famous surf spot, Safi also offers the possibility to go hunting waterfowl. Fishing, by casting or by line, is juste another fun activity you can do.

In the middle of nature, there are picturesque caves and caverns that delight both amateur and experienced cavers. In Charkarkar, the galleries are more than 400 meters deep. As for the cave of Ghar Gorani, it shelters the remains of a prehistoric occupation, which is valuable thanks to its unique cultural aspect.

Safi is all this : stimulating nature and plenty of activities. Enough eye-candy to ensnare your imagination !

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