Nature and discovery of prehistoric remains

Safi offers the best of land and sea

Safi is a historical city with a rich legacy. It is also blessed with a perfect location that has been spoiled by Mother Nature, teeming with sites to explore and activities to try out.

The city sits on the Atlantic Ocean and is resolutely water-oriented. Safi has over 90 miles of beaches and a world-renowned surfing spot, as well as great waterfowl hunting. Casting and line fishing are popular sports and you can take in a good haul.

If you head inland, the sights are quite different. Caves carved out of the rock are a treat for amateur and expert spelunkers alike. The caverns at Charkarkar plunge to depths of over 1,300 feet! Meanwhile, the Ghar Gorani cave houses the remains of a prehistoric settlement, making it just as appealing on the cultural front as for its hundreds of feet of galleries.

Safi does indeed have it all, from stimulating natural wonders to a bevy of activities. Your stay will definitely be an active one!