The treasures of Tetouan

Tetouan: The Mediterranean Sea on the horizon

With limestone walls and the grace of a dove, Tetouan welcomes you to streets infused with a subtle blend of cultures.

The city has tinges of Andalusia that can be sensed in the narrow streets lined with green and white houses that evoke Seville and Granada. For a better look, enter the medina, one of the busiest and most beautiful in all Morocco and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Artisans ply their trades in the plazas and in front of their workshops. Catch a painter working on a wood canvas or, at Guersa El Kébira, embroidery specialists and Jebala women selling their mendils, shawls splashed with red, blue or white. Be sure to visit the Mellah, the medina's Jewish section, which has a parade of jewelry stores and a central street that leads to the Royal Palace, an emblem of Spanish-Moorish art.

When you leave the old city, you will find yourself surrounded by a completely different sort of architecture. Tetouan was briefly part of a Spanish protectorate, which left behind monuments to European style: the old Spanish casino, Notre Dame de la Victoire church and the public library all add to the unique esthetics of the city.

Finally, there are festivals that keep the cultural scene fresh, such as a Mediterranean film festival, a comics festival and an event dedicated to women's voices.

Discover Tetouan and dive into a deeply historic city. See for yourself how cultures mingle and how the city stays authentic while remaining open to outside influences.