Morocco, Land of Football

Morocco: the most reserved experiences this year on Airbnb

01 October 2018

According to the latest report from the Africa Travel Summit site, from its first Africa Travel Summit in Cape Town, South Africa, Airbnb ranks Morocco among the continent's favorite destinations.

The online accommodation booking platform displays the kingdom among the most reserved experiences of the year 2018, including a walking tour of Marrakech and a camel ride in the palm grove to watch the sunset while learning about Berber culture, both accompanied by a tour guide who tells the story of the ochre city and the culture of its inhabitants.

One of the most reserved experiences this year in Africa was also the discovery of Gnawa music with a maâlem in Essaouira, known for its musical and spiritual evenings (gnawa lilacs). Travellers from this city take a tour before joining a maalem in his house accompanied by a gnawi dancer for a private concert.