Morocco, Land of Football


10 March 2017

Nestled deep in the North West of Morocco, perched high on the rocks of the Rif Mountains; Chefchaouen – an enchanting town that exists and thrives on steep cobbled lanes etched deep into the crooked hillside. Famously dubbed ‘the Blue City,’ Chefchaouen, (or Chaouen) proudly wears its title as the shops, homes and restaurants are lavishly painted in varying hues of Marjorelle Blue.

The animated and friendly locals can be found hand-washing colourful fabrics and hand-loomed textiles in the cold pools generously created by the rivers and springs that trickle down and conflux through this mountain town. Threads, throws and trinkets line the narrow streets that ladder up this town. Along with aromatic spices, coupled with vibrant pots of powdered colours and dyes, that are readily available for you to purchase, should you wish to relive your Moroccan memories back home. Chaouen isn’t short on wildlife either, as you’ll find a cat or kitten down almost every alleyway, not to mention the odd loose hen pottering around the outskirts. 


Through a series of twists and turns, amongst the winding cobbled lanes, it’s possible to find steps that climb high above city level; bringing you to a breathtaking elevated view of the town and surrounding mountains.
Take the time to walk around at your own leisure, it’s possible to find women serving fresh Maloui (a traditional layered pancake) drizzled in local honey from their doorstep.
Or if you prefer to relax and take in the atmosphere, try nipping around the back of the main square to find one of the many restaurants with a terrace view, a prime people watching spot!

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