The archaeological treasures of Morocco

Morocco has a long, venerable history. There are still many vestiges of its glorious past, from the pre-Roman, Roman, Phoenician, Antique and prehistoric eras. There are even traces of dinosaurs and rock paintings. They are scattered across the land, attesting to the country's rich heritage and promising you an enlightening trip.

Volubilis, near Meknes, is the best preserved and most frequently visited site. It speaks to the greatness of the Roman empire, making it a mandatory stop. Some districts are almost entirely intact with public squares, temples and basilicas that hint at the life of the people who lived there.Roman supremacy is also on display at DcharJdid near Asilah.

For a glimpse into Carthaginian civilization, head to Lixus, where the foundations indicate that a wealthy maritime trading town thrived here in ancient times. As you walk among these remnants and admire them, you may find yourself reflecting on the glory and vanity of civilizations.

There are plenty of other sites that deserve your attention, such as Banasa with its beautiful mosaics or Sala, where the remains of an arch of triumph still retain a touch of majesty. The Caves of Hercules near Tangier are an amazing sight to behold, while the Chellah necropolis in Rabat is of invaluable archeological significance.

If you enjoy strolling among the ruins of time, you will be thrilled with Morocco.