Desert Break

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Desert escape

Southern Morocco opens to the Sahara Desert. Venture out into the vast expanses of sand and discover a world of dunes, sun and tranquility. Embark on an adventure and spend a spell living like the nomadic tribes of the Sahara.

Marrakesh and Agadir are both gateways to the Sahara. So is Fez: from the imperial city, travel through the Talghemt Pass. This land is not quite the desert, but you sense its proximity and the region is peppered with oases. This is the Tafilalet, a transitional area where the green of vegetation vies with the ochre of the sand. Take the ancient caravan trail to Rissani, the hometown of the historic Alaouite dynasty and – finally – youare at the edge of the desert, where all you see on the horizon is the soft curves of the sand dunes sculpted by the Chergui, the wind of the Sahara.

Forge ahead for more adventure. Take a trip on camelback. Leave behind the clamor of the cities for a while and camp in comfortable tents surrounded by sand. Journey to the majestic Merzouga dunes: dive in and take a sand bath against a gorgeous backdrop. Spend the night there and, in the morning, watch the picture-perfect sunrise over the dunes.

There are many other curiosities to discover in the Moroccan desert, such as the remarkable Tinfou dune which isn't even in the desert, the Erfoud oasis and the mysterious Errachidia.

Whether you travel on foot or on camelback, prepare yourself for a trek across the desert and break free from your everyday routine.