Between architectural heritage and history

Enjoy architecture and active pursuits in Safi

Tall battlements, imposing towers and old canons that still point toward the ocean are what define the war-ready silhouette of the Kechla in Safi. Itisanimpressive sight: the fort overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, whose waves lap its foundation, giving the impression it is built right on the water. It is the largest remnant of the Portuguese occupation, though elsewhere in the city, you can see the vestiges of Africa's first Gothic cathedral which also evoke the colonial period.

Though it has some European features, Safi is a typical Moroccan city. As soon as you enter the medina, let its aromas and sounds guide you and you will find a completely different atmosphere – morelively, restless. The merchants arrange their goods and wheel and deal over 1,001 products: rugs, leather, lamps and, of course, pottery. As one of Morocco's ceramic capitals, Safi boasts a neighborhood devoted to the production of terracotta and clay trinkets and a museum that celebrates this delicate craft.

It's true that surfers are in heaven in Safi, but anyone seeking authenticity will be equally delighted.